Custom Scrimshaw by Mark Thogerson
An ancient craft on natural materials

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These are thumbnails - click on each to see them in high resolution.
They are in ZAPP format (1920x1920) and may be downloaded for jurying purposes only.
All other uses are expressly forbidden.

Booth Shot
Scrimshawed portrait of clipper 'Red Jacket' on mammoth ivory tusk section, 60x57 mm. Ribbon on custom-made walnut base is cut from an ivory piano key.
Scrimshawed yellow water iris pendant, mammoth ivory in sterling bezel, 23x26 mm
Scrimshawed peregrine falcon on ivory organ key, 22x48 mm. Custom-made base of redheart and ebony.
Scrimshawed red rose bracelet, 25x18 mm mammoth ivory oval with hand-strung and knotted red coral beads and sterling fittings.
Detail of hunting knife showing scrimshawed whitetail buck on elk antler handle. Knife handle is about 20 mm wide at the brass finger guard.
Scrimshawed sun/moon face on 25 mm round mammoth ivory with sterling snake chain.


Scrimshawed breaching humpback whale on mammoth tusk bark. Ivory is 44x84 mm. Custom-made walnut base.
Scrimshawed elk antler cribbage board with three upland game birds: woodcock, ruffed grouse and ring-necked pheasant. Inset is a detail of the ruffed grouse. Board is 35 cm long.
Scrimshawed great blue heron on a 30x40 mm oval of interior walrus tusk ivory. The translucence and crystalline nature of this type of ivory add to the mystique of this piece. The neck ring is sterling silver.
A whaling scene scrimshawed on a 6 inch long sperm whale tooth. The base is made from bloodwood and ebony.