Custom Scrimshaw by Mark Thogerson
An ancient craft on natural materials

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If you are interested in a reciprocal link to your site from mine and vice versa, please fill out the following form.  All of the fields except those otherwise noted are required before the form can be submitted.

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bulletSites must have something to do with scrimshaw or ivory.  I will accept other scrimshanders' sites.
bulletThe link to my page must appear on a page no lower than a third-level page -- no more than two "clicks" from your home or main page.
bullet"Deep linking" is discouraged, but I can't really stop you.  As a general rule, you must link either to my main page, (preferred) or to my catalog page, , if you want a reciprocal link on my links page.  
I prefer that you use this graphic as part of the link.  Its URL is, and you may link directly to it instead of copying it to your site.  Alternatively, you can copy the following HTML and place it in your file to create a button: The WebShander

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bulletYou may use any summary description of as part of the link, as long as it does not reflect negatively on the site.
bulletIf any of these conditions are not met when I visit your site, your reciprocal link from my page may be revoked.

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